Revival Fire Global Ministries is an evangelical ministry that travels across the United States igniting the fire that is within the people of God. Revival Fire Global Ministries’ desire is to help people in the surrounding communities perfect holiness while living everyday lives.

I have been working with Revival Fire Global Ministries since conception and they are growing through leaps and bounds. I am responsible for brand and social media development. 

Service Rendered: Option 3+

 Logo Suite | Brand Guide | Web Design | Website Hosting| Social Media Design | Welcome Cards | Retractable Banners | Table Cloths | Business Cards | Videography

Social Media Management

Humble Beginnings

Even though RFGM celebrated 5 years, they have been around longer than that. From changes to logos and branding, we have finally found something that fits the ministry all around. Of course the main focus is The Fire of God. The person inside the fire represents “It takes one on fire to change the world”. From there another logo was created for the clothing line to spread the fire message around the world. 

Web Design


The great thing about RFGM is that they allowed me to use their company to grow my skillsets. We’ve recently moved RFGM from Wix to WordPress for a smoother look. I’ve studied simple and clean designs that would capture the visitors. Easy to use forms and a place where interested clients can download EPK and bio.

Graphic Design

I designed and formatted for print table cloths, banners, business cards, and welcome cards. I also provided graphic flyers for their events and ministry assignments. 

Designer Apparel

I designed a completely different log for the clothing brand with the slogan ONEONFIRE. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. I have worked with wholesale companies around the U.S. to provide top quality products.