Life Changers Church has truly been a blessing to me. I love the fact that they are active and living up to their mandate to spread the gospel. LCC understand the importance of social media presence for churches and religious organizations. Life Changers Church exists to inspire a generation to love God passionately, love people deeply while demonstrating His power bringing CHANGE to the world.

We had the honor to handle their biggest yearly conference, Strategies of War. This was the fourth year of their conference and it is held for 3 days. The conference included a Friday Night general session, Saturday classes and services at two locations: one for the women and the other for the youth, and a Sunday Service.  We came up with a logo design and digital flyers. We also came up with a marketing plan to help them spread the word further beyond word of mouth.

The result was that they had over 150 people in attendance and their expectations were of the results were met. We have the opportunity now to start on the marketing strategy for next year’s Strategies of War 5.

We are now contracted as well to handle their social media digital flyers, banners, and what whatever they need graphically. We are on the process of updating their church logo.