Life Changers Church exists  to CHANGE people’s lives by helping them to discover, develop and fulfill their life’s purpose through an authentic encounter with God’s love, truth, presence, and power.

Life Changers Church has truly been a blessing to me. I love the fact that they are active and living up to their mandate to spread the gospel. LCC understand the importance of social media presence for churches and religious organizations. Life Changers Church exists to inspire a generation to love God passionately, love people deeply while demonstrating His power bringing CHANGE to the world.

Service Rendered: Option 3+

 Logo Suite | Brand Guide | Web Design | Website Hosting| Social Media Design | Welcome Cards | Retractable Banners | Table Cloths | Business Cards

The Beginning

Life Changers wanted a complete makeover of their brand. I walked them through by asking questions about the mission and vision statement of the church and where do they see themselves in the future.

Web Design


I set up Life Changers with a WordPress Site and trained the staff to maintain the website when necessary. Their website is located on our server. I handle the technical upgrades and maintenance on the website. Life Changers Church also have other websites for their major yearly events that I had the opportunity to design and host for.

Graphic Design

I designed and formatted for print table cloths, banners, business cards for the entire staff, and welcome cards. I also provided time to time graphic flyers for their events.  I design flyers and marketing materials for their major yearly events they host.