Katch.me is/was a video harvesting site for live Periscopes. Periscope only allows replays to your followers 24 hours after you have created your scope. 24 hours really isn’t enough time to maximize curation on high quality scopes. This is where Katch stepped in. Users would sign up for a Katch account, using their Twitter account and grant permissions to your Periscope account. Once you scoped and copy of that session would be caught by Katch and tweeted out so your followers would be able to Katch the replay at a time more appealing to their personal preference. In a brief letter on Katch’s homepage they announced their final plans for closing and offered loyal supports gratitude for assisting with their massaivs growth in just under a year.
 ‪#‎katch‬ will stop saving your Periscope & Meerkat videos on April 22nd, 2016; for those that rely on their live video archives. You have until May 4th to transfer your videos