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Option 1

Option 1 is designed to help you come with a new logo and give you branding guide on how to use it correctly. We will talk you through the brand strategy process by asking a series of questions and analysis to set you up for long term success with your marketing. We believe in helping you achieve longevity because we know a brand is much more than a good logo, it’s an experience.

Branding Guide + Logo 

*Includes Letterhead, business cards, and envelopes

Option 2

Along with creating your logo for identity, Option 2 is designed to give you a web presence by creating a website where visitors can find out more about your business. Custom business website starts with 3-4 pages and can build more in the future when needed. We will help you set up a to 4 personalized emails for staff or volunteers.

Custom non-profit or business pages can start out with a one-scroll website to give the visitors a glimpse of who you are while on the other end you are developing and adding more content as you vision comes clearer.

Branding Guide + Logo + Website

*includes option 1 plus social media setup

Option 3

Option 3 allows us to create your brand strategy, logo, brand guide, website and other creative materials to help you attract people to your ministry. We have researched what the fastest growing churches are doing and have put together the right combination of marketing materials in this package.

Branding Guide + Logo + Website + Marketing Materials

*includes options 1 & 2 along with envelopes, connection cards, business cards, 1 retractable banner