We are in the times where the reach of evangelism has changed. Social media has become the new tool for churches to reach the masses. Door-to-door is still effective, but to increase and broaden the reach, the social media platform has allowed Churches to cover more ground than before. We all want to keep up with communication trends so that we can reach our world. Many churches are in need of someone to manage all of their social media platforms. It is not just about post pictures, but it is about interacting with those who may or may not know the Lord. This is a divine tool for evangelism.

So the question is, do I really need to hire a social media manager? Due to churches having minimum budgets, one could look for a volunteer to do the job. If you have a graphic designer, this role could be added to their job role. Either way you play, having a social media manager is necessary and beneficial. Here are some reasons why having a social media manager in your church can change the way you reach to people.

  1. Social media is fast becoming a preferred method of communication. It cannot and should not be ignored by church leaders. We miss opportunities to minister and share the gospel when we neglect social media. Just like any major ministry in the church, this ministry needs one person to lead and drive such efforts.
  2. One person acting as social media director can help give priority to the different messages the church needs to send. Ideally, that person is in regular contact with the pastor and other church leaders about the ministry priorities in the congregation. Those priorities should then be communicated via social media. Undoubtedly, every church has members with different ideas about what is more important. A social media director, working with the leadership of the church, can make wise decisions about communication issues.
  3. A good social media director understands the language of the people. He or she can engage others on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, and others. And the more he or she is involved, the more adept at the language that person becomes. The director can also coordinate with the pastor and other leaders if they happen to have blogs or podcasts. The social media director helps provide “translation” to get the message out to others engaged in social media.

If you do not have a social media manager or want to your social media manager to-be to have training, send us a message. We train people who want to be more knowledgeable in social media. Email us at socialmedia@brandtheministry.com